A Passion for Golf and Japanese Craftsmanship

These aren’t just golf components. They’re works of art that make playing the game we love more deeply satisfying and, dare we say it, more beautiful.

Our Story

Taking the Game to the Next Level

Our partners are bound by four core principles in their mutual desire give the world the purest clubs the game has to offer.

  • Soulful Aesthetics
  • Hand Craftmanship
  • Astonishing Performance
  • Sustainable Mindset
Dragon Golf components, inspired by the traditional Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, exude a beauty that can only arise through the relentless pursuit of a perfection that accepts the inevitability of imperfection. This aesthetic promotes uniqueness over uniformity, soulfulness over symmetry and beauty over bombast. These clubheads are made by human hands to be wielded by human hands. No computer-aided design. No artificial intelligence. As such, no two components are exactly alike — even within the same set. Swing by swing, shot by shot you will form a bond with each of these clubs that is entirely your own. And this relationship will only grow deeper and richer over the years. The underlying physics of a golf club striking a golf ball is actually quite simple, contrary to what the leading equipment brands would have you think. So you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shots you will conjure up with Dragon Golf components, even if they lack perimeter weighting, multi-material composition or a manipulated center of gravity. The mass marketers abandon their creations within a year or two in their fevered quest of “new and improved” designs that will boost their unit sales, price points and stock valuations. Dragon Golf’s partners will never play that game. They are committed to the long haul. And small manageable batches.

Our Bespoke Brands

— We work with true Japanese craftsmen

The people behind these brands aren’t just our suppliers. They have become our friends. Together we’re striving to elevate the fashioning of golf clubs to an art form.

Every Component Is Hand Crafted

Choose from a wide array of bespoke products — from heads to shafts to grips — produced in small batches and to the highest standards. Add personalisation as well as customised engraving to ensure each piece is uniquely yours.

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