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How Dragon Golf Came to Be

In 2019, we made a pilgrimage to Japan in search of the purest and most authentic golf components in the world. What we found was a small cadre of craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to the traditional methods of club making. They longed to make their handiwork accessible to a wider audience without compromising their values. 

Thus was born Dragon Golf. We invite you to learn about our esteemed partners and their time-honoured values. You will be enlightened, delighted and — we believe — moved to join us on this journey back to the heart and soul of golf.

Takumi Japan

Each of Takumi’s irons, edges and putters is subject to as many as 80 different painstaking processes.

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MTG Studio - Itobori

MTG’s heads are handcrafted with coarse grinding techniques previously only used in the forging of traditional swords and knives.

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Team Yoshimura

They offer a wide range of head designs informed by Tadayoshi Yoshimura’s work as an instructor with many of Japan’s top professional and amateur players.

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CGS Orion

Each CGS club head is forged by one of Japan’s best blacksmiths and then ground and polished by master craftsmen beyond reproach.

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This cult favourite of Japan’s top players in the 1980s returns with its commitment to minimalist handmade forgings fully intact.

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Yamada Putters

Tohru Yamada, who once fashioned his finely milled putters only for tour players, has now made his exquisite creations available to golfers of all abilities.

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Cadero Grips

A pioneer that has taken the design of golf grips to a whole new level — in both form and function.

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