Masters at Coarse Grinding

Mayuki Takai Golf starts with blanks produced by the renowned Kyoei Golf forge. These are then personally handcrafted by Takai-san in unique and unconventional ways. The end result is perhaps the most honest and uncompromising golf clubs in the world.

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MTG Studio’s Journey

Takai-san has been passionate about golf since his grandfather introduced him to the game as a young boy.

After a career as a professional golfer, he made the transition to master club maker — first as an apprentice at a small manufacturer and then with the founding of his own company in Toyoake near the city of Nagoya.

MTG Studio’s Products

MTG’s heads are handcrafted through Ichi-Ittobori, a coarse grinding technique that was previously used on swords, as well as ginrei, a technique adapted from traditional sword and knife forging. This distinctive aesthetic is carried through to the woods.