Golf’s True Artisans

A Japanese takumi is not simply an artisan, but one who has demonstrated outstanding skill and dexterity across at least 60,000 hours (or 32 years) of hands-on work. Every member of Takumi Japan’s team, and the forgings they produce, aspires to this incredibly high standard.

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Takumi’s Journey

Keisuke Sakamoto established the brand, drawing upon the Kyoei Golf factory’s more than 60 years of experience forging products for several well-known club manufacturers.

The operation is based in the city of Ichikawa, the epicenter of forged golf clubs in Japan.

Takumi’s Products

Each of Takumi’s irons, wedges and putters are subject to as many as 80 different painstaking processes — most of which are carried out by hand. And every component is personally designed and constructed by Sakamoto-san to appeal to minimalists and aesthetes alike.