Itobori Putter

The hand-finished putter from MTG Studio.

Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks
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Product Description

Classic blade putter made from pre-forged and CNC-milled stainless steel, with an elaborately machined club face for a soft feel and ball control.

This putter is available as a standard or as a "tuned neck" model with a welded-on hosel.

The balance and shape of the putter is suitable for golfers who tend to putt in a slight arc - moderate arc.

With this putter, a huge amount of personalisation options are available:
Top Grind, Bumper Grind, Hosel Grind, Coating, Stamping, Colouring, ...
You can create your own personal putter, which you will love walking to the green with.

Standard Specification
Loft (°) 4
Lie (°) 70
Head (g) 360
Material SUS 303
Surface All MTG coatings (Chrome)