Ltd. Grandmaster Edition Handmade Putter

In the small town of Ichikawa, in the Hyogo prefecture, there lives a renown craftsman, named Iuichi-san.

Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks
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Product Description

Iuichi-san is the grand master behind the manufacturing of this limited edition putter.

More than 50 years ago he was educated and trained by the father of Japanese golf clubs himself, Seitaro Morita, who converted his deep knowledge and skills in swordmaking to the manufacturing of golf clubs.

Hand forged and ground from iron blanks, similar to the Handmade Putter, this edition is limited to 100 pieces total - out of which only a few are still available.

The putter has unique Tsuchime-details (hammering) on the sole and is copper plated.

As with the standard model, the putter has a full toe hang and requires a confident, strong-arc putting stroke.

Standard Specification
Loft (°) 4
Lie (°) 70
Head (g) 360
Material S20C
Surface Copper plating